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Om Para maatmanae namaha
God is great. He has His officers everywhere, who are all powerful. ---SAIBABA

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Bala Gopala - Sai Bala Gopala
Devaki Nandana Gopala
Vasudeva Nandana Gopala
Yashoda Nandana Gopala
Nanda Gopala Ananda Gopala
Sai Gopala Sathya Sai Gopala

(O Lord Gopaala Beloved son of Devaki,Nanda,Yashoda.Chant the name of lord sai gopala)

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"Sada Nimbarvrikshasya mooladhiwasat, Sudhasravinam tiktamapi-apriyam tam, Tarum Kalpavrikshadhikam sadhayantam Namameeshwaram Sadgurum Sai Natham"


Chapter XII


Kaka Mahajani

Once, Kaka Mahajani went to Shirdi from Bombay. He wanted to stay there for one week, and enjoy the Gokul-Ashtami festival. As soon as he took Baba's darshan, Baba asked him - "When are you returning home?" He was rather surprised at this question, but he had to given an answer. He said that he would go home when Baba ordered him to do so. Then Baba said - "Go to-morrow". Baba's word was law and had to be obeyed. Kaka Mahajani, therefore, left Shirdi, immediately. When he went to his office in Bombay, he found that his employer was anxiously waiting for him. His munim, i.e., the manager, suddenly fell ill, hence Kaka's presence was absolutely necessary. He had sent a letter to Kaka at Shirdi, which was redirected to him at Bombay.

Bhausaheb Dhumal

Now listen to an opposite story. Once Bhausaheb Dhumal, a pleader, was going to Niphad for a case. On the way he came to Shirdi, took Baba's darshan and wanted to proceed to Niphad immediately. But, Baba did not premit him to do so. He made him stay at shirdi, for a week or more. In the meanwhile, the magistrate at Niphad suffered intensely from pain in his abdomen, and the case was adjourned. Mr. Dhumal was then allowed to go and attend to his case. It went on for some months and was tried by four magistrates. Ultimately Mr. Dhumal won the case, and his client was acquitted.

Bow to Shri Sai -- Peace be to all

Devotees Experiences

Smt. and Sri S.N. Pradhan of Bombay ( Santha Cruz) were devotees of Sai Baba. Once they were financially hard-pressed and felt that Baba did not grace them with any experience. After reading the life history of Baba they wanted to visit Shirdi but Mr. Pradhan was ill. On 10-11-1953 before going to bed he fervently prayed to Baba to take him to Shirdi. He felt the inner call too. The next morning, while preparing chapathis, his wife noticed that footprints of Sai Baba were present, mysteriously impressed on the lid of the butter-can. Soon their neighbour who wasn't a devotee of Baba told them that he had a dream on the previous night; "That fakir in that photo in Pradhan's house" came to his house but he drove the fakir out; the fakir then entered Pradhan's house. This corroborated the fact that Baba did visit Pradhan's house in his subtle form. So, too Baba's footprints appeared in the house of a Sai devotee, Tejaswini Rele. Later Baba appeared to her in a dream and told her that he had granted her in a dream and told her that he had granted her wish to see his footprints

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