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Om Parama Sukha daaya namaha
Meditate on me either with form or without form, that is pure bliss. ---SAIBABA

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Deena Bandhava Shree Sai Deva 
Dayaa Saagara Devaadhi Deva 
Paahi Prabho Sayeeshwara 
Dehi Vibho Jagadeeshwara 
Sharanam Prabho Sathya Sai Deva 

(O Lord Sai! Thou art kinsman and relation of the dejected and 
  afflicted. O Lord of Lords! O Ocean of Mercy! O Lord Sayeeshwara! Kindly 
  protect me. O Omnipresent mighty powerful Lord of the Universe! Thou hast 
  assumed the body of Lord Sathya Sai. I surrender to Thee.)

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"Sada Nimbarvrikshasya mooladhiwasat, Sudhasravinam tiktamapi-apriyam tam, Tarum Kalpavrikshadhikam sadhayantam Namameeshwaram Sadgurum Sai Natham"


Chapter XI


Haji Sidik Falke

There was no knowing, when Baba would accept a devotee. That depended on His sweet will. Sidik Falke's story is to the point. One Mahomedan gentleman by name Sidik Falke of Kalyan, after making a pilgrimage to Mecca and Madina, came to Shirdi. He lived in a Chavadi, facing north, and sat in the open court-yard of the Masjid. For nine months, Baba ignored him, and did not allow him to step into the Masjid. Falke felt much disconsolate, and did not know what to do. Somebody advised him not to be disappointed; but to try to approach Baba through Shama (Madhavarao Deshpande), a close and intimate devotee of Baba. He told him that as they approach the God Shiva through his servant and devotee, Nandi, so Baba should be approached through Shama. Falke liked the idea and implored Shama to intercede for him. Shama agreed and on a convenient occasion spoke to Baba about him thus:- "Baba, why don't You allow the old Haji to step into the Masjid, while so many persons freely come and go, after taking Your darshan; why not bless him once?" Baba replied "Shama, you are too young to understand things. If the Fakir (Allah) does not allow, what can I do? Without His grace, who will climb into the masjid? Well, go to him and ask him whether he will come to the narrow footpath near the Barvi well." Shama went and returned with an affirmative answer. Again Baba said to Shama,"Ask him whether he is willing to pay me the sum of Rs. 40,000/- in four instalments." Shama went and returned with the answer that he was willing to pay even 40 lacs. Again Baba said to Shama- "We are going to butcher a goat in the Masjid, so ask him, whether he would like to have mutton, haunch or testicles of the goat." Shama returned with the answer that the Haji would be happy to receive a small crumb from Baba's kolamba (mudpot). Hearing this Baba got excited and with His hands threw away the earthen jars and kolamba and straightway advanced to the Haji and lifting His Kafni up with His hands said - "Why do you brag and fancy yourself great and pose yourself as an old Haji? Do you read Koran like this? You are proud of your pilgrimage to Macca, but you do not know Me." Being thus scolded, the Haji was confounded. Baba then went back to the Masjid, purchased a few baskets of mangoes and sent them to the Haji. Then again Baba went to the Haji and taking out Rs.55/- from His pocket, gave them to the Haji. From that time, Baba loved the Haji, invited him for meals and the Haji, thereafter, came into the Masjid whenever he liked. Baba gave him at times some rupees, and thus the Haji was enlisted in Baba's Darbar.

Bow to Shri Sai -- Peace be to all

Devotees Experiences

Sri Devaraj of Coimbatore was a Captain of a ship during the Second World War. Once his ship was attacked by the enemy but he was rescued miraculously by Sai Baba. News of this miracle spread in Coimbatore and may were drawn to Sai Baba. Among these was Sri Soundara Rajan. He commenced the worship and bhajan of Sai Baba in house and he soon constructed a mandir for the public.
One evening a large gathering of devotees was engaged in bhajan. A huge cobra approached them and crept over the foot of a little boy. The boy cried in panic but the devotees remained calm. The snake stood within a few feet of the gathering and was swaying its hood in tune with their bhajan. People wondered why it was not scared by the large gathering. It stayed in the same place from 5 p.m. to 9.p.m. i.e., till the devotees dispersed for that night.

Next morning the devotees were surprised to find it in the same place. This convinced them that Sai Baba himself appeared in that form and they decided to worship it with all ceremony. They fetched several baskets full of chrysanthemum flowers. They all gathered around the snake and threw the flowers on it while chanting the 108 divine names of Sai. Even though flowers were thrown on it in thousands the cobra remained there calm and peaceful.

One of the devotees then prayed to it saying, "If you are indeed sai Baba, you please stay here till we fetch a photographer to take your picture for people may not believe when we tell hem that we had the good fortune of worshipping you inthis manner." It took nearly half an hour for the photographer to arrive and the cobra stayed there and was photographed. The picture taken on that occasion can be seen in the souvenir published by the Naga Sai Mandir at Coimbatore a few years ago. The Naga Sai Mandir which was built there at that spot is a memento of this leela of Baba.

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