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Om Bhaktaavana Samardhaaya namaha
Stay by me and keep quiet. I will do the rest. ---SAIBABA

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Murali Krishna Mukunda Krishna Mohana Krishna Krishna Krishna 
Gopee Krishna, Gopaala Krishna, Govardhanadhara Krishna Krishna 
Radha Krishna, Baala Krishna, Raasa Vilola Krishna Krishna 
Shirdi Krishna, Parthi Krishna, Shree Sathya Sai Krishna Krishna 

Hail Krishna, who enchants us, with a beautiful form, who holds 
  the flute and liberates us; cowherd boy who held the mountain, Radha's 
  Krishna, who danced ecstatically with the gopis; Krishna, who lived as Shirdi 
  Sai is now incarnated in Puttapari.)

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"Sada Nimbarvrikshasya mooladhiwasat, Sudhasravinam tiktamapi-apriyam tam, Tarum Kalpavrikshadhikam sadhayantam Namameeshwaram Sadgurum Sai Natham"


Chapter VIII


Baba Begging Food

Blessed are the people of Shirdi, in front of whose houses, Baba stood as a beggar and called out, "Oh Lassie, give Me a piece of bread" and spread out His hand to receive the same. In one hand He carried a Tumrel (tinpot) and in the other a zoli or choupadari, i.e., a rectangular piece of cloth. He daily visited certain houses and went from door to door. Liquid or semi-liquid things such as soup, vegetables, milk or butter-milk were received in the tinpot, while cooked rice, bread, and such solid things were taken in the zoli. Baba's tongue knew no taste, as He had acquired control over it. So how could He care for the taste of the different things collected together? whatever things He got in His zole and in the tinpot were mixed together and partaken by Baba to His heart's content. Whether particular things were tasty or otherwise was never noticed by Baba as if His tongue was devoid of the sense of taste altogether. Baba begged till noon, but His begging was very irregular. Some days He went a few rounds, on other days up to twelve noon. The food thus collected was thrown in a kundi, i.e. earthen pot. Dog, cats and crows freely ate from it and Baba never drove them away. The woman who swept the floor of the Masjid took some 10 or 12 pieces of bread to her house, and nobody prevented her from doing so. How could, He, who even in dreams never warded off cats and dogs by harsh words and signs, refuse food to poor helpless people? Blessed indeed is the life of such a noble person! People in Shirdi took Him in the beginning for a mad Fakir. He was known in the village by this name. How could one, who lived on alms by begging a few crumbs of bread, be revered and respected? But this Fakir was very liberal of heart and hand, disinterested and charitable. Tough He looked fickle and restless from outside. He was firm and steady inside. His way was inscrutable. Still even in that small village, there were a few kind and blessed people who recognized and regarded Him as a Great Soul. One such instance is given below.

Bow to Shri Sai -- Peace be to all

Devotees Experiences

Sivashankar Dixit a devotee of Lord 'Dattatreya, despaired when he knew that he was suffering from tuberculosis. One day he had a dream, he saw a picture of a Moslem saint and bowed to it; at the same moment, a moslem fakir came and applied vibhuti on his forehead and assured him that he would soon be well.

When his condition improved without any treatment, Dixit realized that it was a visitation. One of his friends suggested that the fakir might be Sai Baba himself. Four days after, a group of children who played there, left a small picture of Baba's samadhi in his house. Dixit found that the fakir of his dream precisely resembled the photograph of Sai Baba on the Samadhi, found in that picture. Later he visited Shirdi and saw that there was the marble statue on Baba's samadhi and not a photograph of Sai Baba. On enquiry he was told that till 1956 a photograph of Sai Baba was indeed kept on Baba's samadhi and that the statue was installed only in that year. The picture of the Moslem fakir which he saw in his dream was indeed the photograph of Baba which was earlier kept on the Samadhi! Henceforth Dixit worshipped Sai Baba as Lord Dattatreya.
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